Javier Krasuk is a contemporary abstract artist. His work is known for his dynamics in painting based in form and color. The synergy between fast curves and geometrical perception in large format pieces triggers an emotional character to his art portraying the unmistakable signature of his work

Javier Krasuk was borne in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1966. He studied Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires where he received his first Masters of Architecture in 1990. He moved to Washington DC and received a Masters of Arts and Sciences in Architecture from Virginia Tech (USA) in 1992. He currently lives in Washington DC, Buenos Aires, and Milan

Relevant Achievements

International Silver medal of Architecture – Bienal of Architecture BA/85  by Arch. Mario Botta, Arch. Richard Meier, Arch. Kisho Kurokawa and Arch, Cesar Pelli; National Building Museum, Washington DC, USA – exhibit “WIA project” 93’; Smithsonian Institution – exhibit “WIA project” 94’; Top 20 Beatport’s Chart – Prize –  “Dosis Album” 2014; Top 5 Mixcloud Chart – Prize – “CNTRL live Mix” – 2015; Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy – Exhibit – 2016; ADE Netherlands – “Kinetics Album” ADE essentials 2016; Berlin Art Week, BAI, Berlin, Germany – Exhibit 2018; Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy – Exhibit 2018. Pre-Biennale Arte 2019 Solo show exhibit at the GAD Gallery, March 2019, Pavillion 02 “FFH” co-autor with Florencia Bruck and Harro Schmidt, Biennale Arte 2019 collateral event, – 2020, Pavilion O2 Hanover, Germany.

From Architecture to Painting through Music
Months after receiving his MA In Washington DC, Javier Krasuk ventured into music by the end of 1992 when he recorded his first music LP “Tide” with partner Florencia Bruck. In 1996 Javier moved back to Washington DC and co-founded the Virginia Tech’s Washington DC Off Campus Computer Graphics Department. That same year he co-founded, a multimedia design firm that would change his artistic motivation for years to come.

In 2002 Javier started spending time in Europe. In 2004 he produced and recorded “Vanity” in Milan, Italy.
In 2014 Krasuk redefined his musical experimental journey and released his first Underground electronic music album “Dosis” under his Alias name “Xavi Kras”, published by an award-winning Austrian Underground record label. The album reached the top 20 Beatport charts in less than 2 weeks of its release. In 2016 he released the award-winning album “Kinetics” published by US record label, Clock Recordings to later be republished by the renowned Netherlands ADE festival in their ADE essentials.

Between 2014 and 2019 Javier Krasuk landed 7 tracks in the top 40s electronic music portal charts, reached the #2 mark in Mixcloud’s charts 4 times and performed live in some of the world’s most renowned underground electronic music venues including Treehouse-Miami, Bahrein-BA, Pepero-Porto Cervo Trade-Miami, Club69-BA, CNTRL-Asuncion/Paraguay and Bacanal-London among others. In 2016 Javier attended an Art residency at the Summer academy of fine Arts in Venice,Italy that triggered the beginning of Javier’s devotion and passion for his contemporary art career.

In late 2016 he was invited along with Florencia Bruck by the Fundación Jorge Malbran to produce a Site Specific Art Installation for a solo exhibit at Casa FOA 2016.
After attending Eduardo Stupia’s Art class at the Di Tella University (late 2017) Javier join a residency at the the BAI in Berlin. His large-format work was first presented at the Berlin Spring Art Week. Later in 2018 he attended two consecutive residencies at the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy and an Art retreat in Camporsevoli, Tuscany. In 2019 he has been invited by “One Contemporary Art” in Venice, Italy to do a 2-month pre-Biennale residency and a 1 week SOLO exhibit at the “One Contemporary Art” space (Feb-April 2019).