Javier Krasuk is a contemporary abstract artist renowned for his distinctive style, which expertly blends form and color to create captivating large-format pieces. His dynamic compositions effortlessly fuse fast curves and geometric elements, resulting in emotionally evocative atmospheres that are instantly recognizable as his unmistakable signature style.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966, Krasuk pursued his education in architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. In 1990, he earned his Architecture degree. He was later mentored by architect Zaha Hadid at the Architectural Association (AA) in London, UK. This experience played a significant role in his extensive studies of organic forms and his unique perception of space.

Following his studies, Krasuk relocated to Washington DC, where he earned a Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech. Currently, he divides his time between Washington DC and Milan, Italy.

Relevant Achievements and Exhibitions

  • International Silver Medal of Architecture – Bienal of Architecture BA/85, awarded by Arch. Mario Botta, Arch. Richard Meier, Arch. Kisho Kurokawa, and Arch. Cesar Pelli.(AR)
  • Exhibit of “WIA Project” National Building Museum in Washington DC, USA, in 1993
  • Exhibit of “WIA Project”Smithsonian Institution in 1994.(US)
  • Top 20 electronic music Chart 2014. (US)
  • “Kinetics Album” ADE Awards, Netherlands, in 2016. (NL)
  • Venice Art Biennale 2019, Pavillion 02- collateral event “FFH” (IT)
  • Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 “THE SPACE WE LIVE IN, ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe, Feedback_Society.”(IT)
  • Venice Art Biennale 2022 – Decentral Art Pavilion – Art Biennale Edition (IT)
  • Art Dubai (DUBAI) in 2023, titled “Art in Space.” (AE)

From Architecture to Painting through Music

After completing his MA in Architecture, Javier gained recognition for his “WIA” project, which was exhibited at both the National Building Museum and the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. He then joined MRA and Assoc. as their lead designer. In early 1996, Javier co-founded and led the Off-Campus Computer Graphics Department at Virginia Tech in Washington D.C., under the supervision of Dennis Jones. He later became the lead visual designer for Harry Weese Assoc., where he oversaw the design of both the “Largo” and “Summerfield” Metro stations in the D.C. metro area. In addition to his work in architecture and design, Javier co-founded, a multimedia creative design firm that specialized in communication strategies. This venture proved to be a pivotal moment in his artistic career and had a significant impact on his future endeavors.

Javier has always had a heightened sensitivity to external stimuli, such as sound, shapes, and colors, a condition commonly referred to as synesthesia.

During the first decade of the millennium Javier began exploring music production as a means to better understand his interpretation of sound as visual stimuli through an experimental project that focused on reverse engineering music composition through the interpretation of combined visuals. The project led to the release of his first underground electronic music album, “Dosis,” (2014) followed by the “Kinetics” album released under his alias name, “Xavi Kras.” From 2014 to 2019, Krasuk (Xavi Kras) landed seven top 40 and two top 10 hits on the electronic music international charts.

The exploration marked the beginning of a dialogue between sound and visual senses, which later became the foundation of his creative process.
Javier eloquently articulates how rhythms manifest as shapes and chords as vibrant hues, where minor chords evoke an icy chill while major chords exude a sense of warmth. The high frequency of percussion instruments resonates like delicate filaments while low frequency beats expand like broad strokes. This elegant fusion of music and art creates a wondrous visual composition akin to a symphonic code yearning to be painted onto a canvas.

Javier Krasuk artistic journey has been defined by a profound experimentation in effortlessly listening sound to create Artworks. This exploration has culminated in the development of a distinctive artistic style that is unmistakably reflected in his paintings and installations.


In 2016, Javier participated in an art residency program at the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, which acted as a catalyst for his dedication and enthusiasm towards his career in contemporary art. Subsequently, in late 2016, he was extended an invitation by the Fundación Jorge Malbran to create a site-specific art installation for Casa FOA 2016. In late 2017, after attending Eduardo Stupia’s Art Masterclass at the Di Tella University, Javier secured a residency at the Berlin Art Institute (BAI) in 2018.
The first exhibition of his large-format artwork took place at the Berlin Spring Art Week in the same year. Additionally, in 2018, Javier participated in two consecutive residencies at the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, and an art retreat in Camporsevoli, Tuscany.
During this time, he exhibited his work at the BAI Open House and later at the “Museum Pankow” in Berlin, Germany. In late 2018, Javier displayed his artwork, “Foreign Affair,” at the Palazzo Zenobio in Venice, Italy.

In 2019, Javier Krasuk was extended an invitation by “One Contemporary Art” located in Venice, Italy, to partake in a two-month pre-Biennale residency program. Subsequently, he held a solo exhibit at the “One Contemporary Art” venue in Venice for a week in April of the same year. Furthermore, in May 2019, Javier collaborated with Harro Schmidth and FSM Bruck to create a site-specific installation that was showcased at the 2019 Venice Art Biennale – Pavilion 02. In 2020, his artwork titled “RHAPSODY II” was exhibited at the KunstHalle Faust situated in Hannover, Germany.

In 2021, Javier participated in the Architecture Biennale in Venice, specifically in “THE_SPACE_WE_LIVE_IN, ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe – Pavilion 0,” showcasing the collaborative installation “Feedback Society” with Harro Schmidth and FSM Bruck. Later that year, Javier was commissioned to produce a site-specific visual installation for the KesselHaus Linden in Hannover, Germany.

In 2022, Javier played a pivotal role in co-founding the Decentral Art Pavilion, which was the first-ever IRL Digital Art Exhibition held simultaneously with the 2022 Venice Art Biennale. The exhibition featured several renowned digital artists such as Beeple, Xcopy, Trevor Jones, Coldie, Snowfro, Pieter Pasma, and Hackatao, among others. Later in the same year, Javier was invited to lead a panel at the NFT London conference in November. Finally, in December, his latest works of art were displayed during the launch of the DAP Meta at Art Basel Miami.

In February 2023, Javier’s latest work “Landed” was displayed at Art Dubai – Art in Space Dubai (AE).

Latest Art Exhibitions

2023 – “Art in Space” – Art Dubai (DUBAI)

2022 – “DAP Meta – Miami Art Basel, Miami (USA)

2022 – “SINGULARITY” Decentral Art Pavilion – Venice Art Biennale Edition, Venice (ITA)

2022 – “NFT LONDON” – Queen Elizabeth II Centre – Leading Digital IRL, London (UK)

2022 – “RED in GOLD” Decentral Art Pavilion – Venice Art Biennale Edition, Venice (ITA)

2022 – Symularis Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Elektrownia Czeladz (POL)

2021 – “LIVING WITH OTHERS” Kesselhaus Linden, Hannover (DE)

2021 – “THE_SPACE_WE_LIVE_IN, ARCHE- Architecture of the Universe, Feedback Society”, Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice (ITA)

2020 – “RHAPSODY II” KunstHalle Faust, Hannover (DE)

2019 – “FAR FROM HOME (FFH)” Venice Art Biennale, Pavilion 02, Venice (ITA)

2019 – “TONAL JOURNEY” Solo Exhibition – Pre-Venice Art Biennale, GAD, Venice, (ITA)

2018 – “ARTSPRING CENTRAL” Museum Pankow, Berlin (DE)

2018 – “Palazzo Zenobio” Venice (ITA)

2018 – BAI Open House BAI – Berlin Art Institute, Berlin (DE)

2016 – FOA Fundación Jorge Malbran (AR)

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