Artist Statement

My creative space is a multi-dimensional universe where abstract concepts collide and converge through the interplay of intricate forms and colors. Through the application of fluid lines and exploration of the geometries they suggest on expansive canvases, I harness the energy of this synergy to create works that challenge the mind and provoke thought. Each piece represents a refined distillation of complex ideas into a visual language that engages the viewer on a fundamental level, beckoning them to explore the mysteries of the abstract. My ultimate goal is to push the boundaries of the tangible world and create art that inspires deep contemplation and introspection, providing an immersive experience that transcends traditional perceptions of reality.

“Artist quotes”

“I don’t have a plan, neither want to, nor I intend to figure out what my work shall whisper. After all, that would defy the whole purpose of awakening the senses of those who see my work triggering their unique connection with it.”

I’m immersed in endless conversations with my work where each trace triggers perceptions that react to my own intentions and in this unconscious loop each counterpart embraces the whole as One.”

“My work and you conceal in a set environment to engage in an undefined conversation where you both are provoked to engage in an unconditional timeless ignition of your senses.”

“Moving shapes portray boundaries to be broken while colors play chords to reshape your own interpretation of the sounding parallel spaces hiding in my intervened canvas.
Predictable and implied are forbidden words in my creative process.”

“Yes, I do behold my universe within my work through my conditioned senses, but in my view this is irrelevant to your own universe which is the only one that viewers should persue. If it strikes you in a blink, jump in.”